Why do processors matter?

The processor is the brain of your computer. It is responsible for speed, multitasking, and a smoother, more responsive experience. With the latest Intel® 4th Generation Processors, your computer will be able to do things even faster, get more done at the same time, make everything look better with HD graphics and last longer too! So what does a good processor mean for you?

For everyday use

Whether it’s surfing the web, creating home movies, sharing photos and videos; all of your favorite things can be done a lot faster with a good processor. You’ll also be able to create and watch better quality videos and photos.

For work & office

A better processor lets you get your word processing, spreadsheets and presentations done more efficiently. You’ll also not have to worry about having too many documents open because a good processor makes multitasking a breeze.

For playing games

Intel 4th Gen processors now come with HD graphics so you’ll always get the best visuals and effects. Your games will also run smoother, faster and be more fun. A better processor also means you’ll be able to play all of the latest games.

Security from the inside

4th Gen Intel processors all come with built-in security features like anti-theft and anti-malware to help keep your data safer*. This means worrying less about your personal data and doing more of your favorite things online.

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Now that you’ve learned about what your processor does and why it’s so important, you can start deciding if you want a notebook, anUltrabook™ or a desktop.